God gives us a chance once in a lifetime
Let's choose right

You are a scholar

At WIDE, your opinion and ideas are as important as our other colleagues. If you are eager to make a difference, WIDE is exactly the right place for you. After the internship you can be hired by us, you will have practical experience working with some of the most entrepreneurial people in the country. Join us to learn together.

You are a professional

We strongly believe in people and the magic that happens when great minds come together. Here, there are no "small ideas" because we know how every innovation has the power to make a difference. Enthusiasm, honesty, cooperation and speed, these are the characteristics that we have put at the top of our work. We are looking for you all over our beloved country Iran.

Our values ​​for cooperation

Shifting boundaries

We love to innovate and try to find new ways to do things. Simplifying everything we do is part of our principles.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Set goals and make detailed plans to achieve them. Be brave, overcome obstacles and let your curiosity guide you.

Great work

At Wide, we are devoted to doing great things and fast and low-defect solutions. As a team, we must be together to achieve this goal.

Be a part of the great story that has unfolded in the mobile payment ecosystem.

We are aiming to bring one million sellers into the mainstream payment method and all our partners are working towards this goal. Our successes are, and always will be, rooted in our collective energy and unwavering customer focus. Over the past decade, we’ve explored financial technologies and from the ground up tried to be a pioneer in mobile-based mobile payments. But our ecosystem is not only limited to payments.

Advantages of working with us

Competitive salary based on merit
Friendly communication
Supplementary insurance
Floating hours
Home Recruitment

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