Wide Super fast mobile payment

The first contactless (wireless) mobile payment Hyper-Application

The wide platform has made it possible to remove the bank card and card reader. This application is installed on Android and iPhone smart phones and tablets and provides the ability to pay and receive money easily for the merchant, customer and everyone.

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Attractive payment model in the wide way

Wide platform is a simple payment without the need for a bank card and POS, which makes it possible to remove both of them. Wide HyperApp is the first contactless mobile payment in the world, which allows sellers and buyers to pay without the need for external hardware.

Payment in future style

Comprehensive and complete financial report along with location

The Wide Hyper-Application is the first mobile software in Iran that stores all user payment receipts along with the location of the payment, digital receipts provide the user with the possibility of case reporting and a dashboard of all deposit and withdrawal transactions.

A golden opportunity to share

Earn unlimited income by inviting your friends.

A golden opportunity to share

By inviting your friends to Wide, you will receive profit from his transactions for up to one year. Up to one year after the invitation, 30% of the profit of the individual transactions you invited will be deposited into your Wide Wallet.

Subdivision Merchant

If you own a business that has multiple vendors or motor couriers!
Wide platform has designed an attractive and wonderful option for your business under the title of Subdivision Merchant, by using which you will be able to add a fixed or non-fixed subdivisions. 

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